Comfort Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist without feeling fearful or anxious has undoubtedly been an unreachable goal for many dental patients. Dental anxiety and phobia have hindered many people from seeking out and undergoing treatments to restore, construct, or maintain a dazzling smile. Many patients are afraid of the pain they may feel from undergoing procedures such as root canal therapy.

However, with the introduction of sedation dentistry the fear and anxiety of our patients can be minimized to make for a comfortable, satisfying visit to the dentist. Many of the patients who have visited our office have been able to undergo successful procedures because they found sedation dentistry to be an ideal option. By undergoing sedation dentistry at our office, a patient’s fearful or anxious perception of dentistry can be transformed into an enthusiasm for dental care.

Though there are many methods of sedation, Abilene Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry prefers to administer a pill to bring about sedation. In the majority of cases, patients are sedated to a point that they do not even remember undergoing a dental treatment. Patients who have undergone sedation dentistry will need someone else to transport them back home.