Implant Restoration

A crown dental implant is a term some of us use to describe the restoration of a dental implant. Restoration is the process of creating an artificial tooth and connecting it to the dental implant.The process of restoring a single implant, or multiple implants, starts after the implant is placed as described in ‘dental implant surgery’. After the surgery a period of at least 3 months is required to let the tissue recover and prevent further trauma.

When the area for treatment is ready the dentist will puncture a hole in the gum tissue right above the dental implants. An abutment will be screwed on top of the implants. The abutment is a metal cylinder that the artificial tooth is built onto.

There are many types of abutments and they vary in length, width, angle and color. All of this provides a large selection to match the patient’s natural teeth and to accomplish the final result of blending in and looking natural.

After fitting the right abutment the dentist will take measurements of your teeth by making an impression (in this process, the dentist takes a form with blue stuff that looks like play doh on it, sticks it in your mouth and tells you to bite on it and not move!).

Once this is completed the dentist will send the measurement out to the laboratory for them to build your final tooth. A temporary implant tooth will be placed on the abutment until the final tooth is ready to be placed. (In the figures you can see the lab work shaping the final crown dental implant: shaping abutment, metal cast tooth on model, porcelain coated final tooth on model.)

When the final restored implant tooth is ready, your dentist will place it on the implant and final adjustments will be made if needed. From that day on your new tooth should look and function just like any other tooth in your mouth, requiring the same care and attention as all the other teeth.

A patient with a multiple implant restoration goes through the same process and the final crowns can vary between multiple single crowns or several crowns connected by a bridge or even a partial fixed denture – it all depends on the way the case was planned.

The final out come of this whole big process is a new, beautiful, confident smile!